Kanji study again with Anki

Since I failed in studying kanji in this post, and now that I'm semi-NEET, I took this challenge again. And now that NihongoShark has updated the better way to study, started relearning and memorizing kanji again, but this time, I made it much serious by using these updated steps, though lazy to really edit the Anki deck to use my mind palace hence...

So far in my 25 days of learning everyday, I still got long ways to go. Since I got more than a hundred to relearn each day for the past days, I also changed the new things to learn from 25 to 10, then just now to 3 haha

Heisig's Remembering The Kanji is still a pain because of all the British words I'm not familiar with, not to mention they might be out of date now.

Might try these WaniKani decks - if I figure out how I should approach studying it (nope, not paying for WaniKani past the trial levels).